Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are building the FAQ page as we go along- if you don’t find the answer (or the question) that you were looking for, please email us and we will answer you directly

Where are you located

We are currently located in  Metropolitan Detroit, but we have worked throughout Michigan and Northwestern Ohio.  If you believe that you would like our help, don’t let geography get in the way- just call or email us and we can discuss ways to help.  We have a Telemedicine studio and other ways to make our presence felt, even if we are miles away!

Do you provide clinical services

Yes, but generally we only provide assessments and specific interventions that relate to cases that require the expertise of members of our group. We generally do not take extended care cases, but, since we are always up for a challenge, we may consider a particular case.  Please contact us and we can discuss the specifics.

Do you bill third party sources?

Most third party sources are set up to provide a specific set of clinical services only.  However, if it is such that an organization requires us to bill a third party for our consulting services, we would work out an agreement with the other party to accommodate this request. Clinical services would only be billed to a third party if the necessary credentialing and application process could be expedient. Otherwise, we would expect that the contracting person or organization would be responsible for our fees.