About Us

Individual help for organizations, individuals and small businesses


Our Approach

…or rather, YOUR Approach.  We see each individual client/customer as unique- and we design our services with that in mind.

Each organization has different needs and different problems. We now that there are many business challenges for which  you have developed excellent methods- so why would we interfere with those?  However, we understand that for every 10 things you have solved, there are another 5 things that keep you up at night- these are the areas where we want to help.

We always assess our clients needs, then determine the best plan of action to help solve those needs. We believe that this begins with a conversation about your goals, your current structure and how the challenges  you see present a barrier to achieving your desired outcomes.  From there, we can propose solutions to help- or we can help you find other resources who may be a better fit.  Our goal is to serve you and your clients.

Our Story

Human Services Solutions (or HSS) began in 1992 when a small substance abuse clinic requested help with JCAHO accreditation.  From there, other agencies, institutes of higher learning and small businesses began to request assistance with some of their more challenging issues.  Since that time, HSS consultants have worked with agencies that provide help to people with Developmental disabilities,  Substance use disorders,  Autism spectrum disorders (including ABA programs) and Self Determination participants.   Our clients have been large ($100+ million annual budgets) or small ($500K or less),  we have also helped individual practitioners who are just making their individual living independently.  Regardless of the size of your business, we truly believe that we can  “Help you help others”.


Meet the Team

Here are the primary individuals who work with HSS


Chief Consultant

Mr. Carone has worked in the mental health/human service field for over 30 years. Mr Carone was  founder and past president of PsychSystems P.C., a  1200 client accredited (CARF)  private organization that specialized in helping people with Developmental disabilities and SMI.  Mr Carone originated the ABA program with this group, and developed it into an 80 client program that spanned 5 Michigan counties.  Mr. Carone was also a past member of the Monroe (MI) County Community Mental Health Board of Directors and was a past faculty member at the University of Michigan.

Alison Donigan MS LLP

Associate Consultant

Ms Donigan has worked in the mental health/human service field for over 25 years.  She was the co-founder and Vice President of PsychSystems P.C..  Prior to this, Ms. Donigan was a psychometrist at the University of Michigan hosptial system, and was a classroom educator

Other professional collegues

HSS has numerous colleagues and organizations who have  clinical, IT and business management skills.   After being in business for 25 years, we have many relationships with some of the best people in the business who are ready and able to work to ‘help you help others’

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