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Functional Behavioral Assessments: For ANY population (including Neurotypicals)

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In this webcast, I  will discuss how FBA and FA technology are universal.  We know that Behavior Analysis and the rules of learning apply to ALL ORGANISMS- so why do we often avoid using these concepts with the clients (and others) that we deal with on a day to day basis.  If you have any desire to apply ABA practices to other groups (besides our wonderful Autism, child and IDD clients) you need to take this course.  (2 CEU credits).   Just click the link above to be connected to the training page.

Ethics, Professionalism, and Conscientious practice- beyond compliance and towards understanding

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Please consider attending my recent webinar regarding ETHICS, PROFESSIONALISM and CONSCIENTIOUS PRACTICE- Beyond Compliance and Towards Understanding.This webinar looks at Ethical behavior in historical context and provides some perspective about the ways that we may truly understand the reasons for our Ethical code and how that affects our decision making process as we work with our clients and families.   This is not just a rehash of the BACB code- the webinar allows participants to think about various concepts and use a deeper understanding of the concepts presented to be the most Ethical and Conscientious practitioner that they can be.  Click the link below to find out more    (2 ACE approved CEU credits)