Individual Therapy

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Our Chief Consultant, Gary Carone MS LLP LMSW BCBA LBA has 25 years of experience with individual and small group therapy. He has spent many years helping Adolescents and Adults with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) with problems relating to their social, coping and other essential skills relating to daily living.

Mr. Carone is a pragmatic ‘teacher’ as a therapist. He believes that learning skills helps clients achieve more than just discussing or ‘complaining’ during a therapy session. By using specific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), CBT or other modalities, Mr. Carone works with clients to set specific goals and objectives to insure that their concerns are met in a measurable way, insuring that the desired outcome is always achieved.

Therapy is available no matter where you live! Mr.. Carone is an experienced TeleMedicine therapist who uses a HIPAA compliant platform to conduct sessions.

To contact Mr. Carone, please call (or Text):

(734) 673 6490 or email him at

OR- contact him at BETTER HELP.COM by clicking the link.